Steve Dunham’s Trains of Thought
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Derailed trains of thought
“Après moi le déraillement”

Off the Deep End

Mars and Venus Attack! Steve investigates space aliens 
Hunting for Santa: Stories to enjoy throughout the 12 months of Christmas 
Rise of the Robot Animals: Who will rule the world—chickens or cows? 
Back From the Future: Steve alters history 
Office Survivor: How to succeed in your job without really working 
The Rolling Breakfast Club: When you need to get somewhere in the worst way 
Pat Answers: Useless advice for neighbors, commuters, and family and/or loved ones 
Brainwashed by Teenagers: Why parents are muggles 
Pothole State Park: How government works (or doesn’t) 
Classified Information About You: The secret workings of the human brain 
Cloning the Future: Weird science will make our lives easier 
Junk Mail Junkie: Steve hears from his dear friends 
How I Discovered America: A makeup history class 

“Save Energy While Driving,” “A Railway Hygiene Etiquette Guide,” “Beguiling Train Voice Beckons,” “Watch Out for Bowling Balls on VRE,” and “Pat Answers Commuters” appeared in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, Free Lance–Star and are reproduced with permission.

All other columns are copyright Steve Dunham, 2000-2008.

Many of the columns appeared in the now-defunct Commuter Weekly, which was distributed on Virginia Railway Express and Maryland Rail Commuter trains.

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