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“No matter where you are, be there; give it your all and steward the portion you’ve been given. No matter what you do, do it well. There’s a degree of human character you can develop that will spill over into human excellence. In that process of giving back, you become transformed.”

“Compassionate Communicator,” Joyce Serdinsky, BA ’12
Invention, Summer 2018, page 13

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Invention is the magazine of Thomas Edison State University; I got my bachelor of arts degree there 30 years ago when it was Thomas Edison State College.

—Steve Dunham.

“Americans are a people who greatly value the autonomy of individuals, but have not yet learned how to value one another.”

“Most citizens (and new, untested enterprises) have little or no collateral. They are, therefore, ineligible for capital-acquisition loans (though the U.S. credit system does allow them to borrow recklessly for consumption).”

—William Greider, One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism (New York: Touchstone, 1997).

One World, Ready or Not cover One World, Ready or Not copyright page
One World, Ready or Not, p. 385 One World, Ready or Not, p. 419

“The growth in partisan media over the past two decades has enabled Americans to retreat into tribes of like-minded people who get news filtered through particular world views.”

—David Bauder, Associated Press, “Divided America: Constructing Our Own Intellectual Ghettos,” Fredericksburg, VA, Free Lance–Star, June 18, 2016.

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“Some people think that Albert Einstein’s name is magical. If they want to convince you of something or sell you something they invoke his revered name to prove that a genius agrees with whatever proposition they are peddling.”

—In a question submitted to the Quote Investigator, Oct. 31, 2011.

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The Quote Investigator is a wonderful resource for getting the facts on who said and who didn’t say what.

“Even though my influence may be limited, it is not irrelevant.”

—Father Neil Pezzulo, “The Culture of Care,” Glenmary Challenge, summer 2016, p. 15.

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