Steve Dunham’s Trains of Thought

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My screenplays are copyrighted and are registered with the Writers Guild of America. Feel free to enjoy them and circulate them but not sell them. If you’re interested in making one into a movie, please get in touch with Dave Fessenden at Wordwise Media, (661) 381-8083.

Sink the Titanic!

The lucky Titanic has a vampire (Count Jackula) and a zombie on board. Lady Guff-Gorgon has purchased an Egyptian mummy, not realizing it’s still alive, and is bringing it back to New York with her. She plans a line of clothing based on the mummy’s wrappings, and the mummy wants to retrieve the Egyptian obelisk from Central Park and return it to Egypt. To prevent havoc in New York—not to mention a fashion disaster—someone must prevent the ship from arriving.

Sink the Titanic! PDF

Sink the Titanic! treatment (summary of the concept, characters, and story) PDF

Mars and Venus Attack!

Steve Occam believes in space invaders—and no wonder: he sees plenty of evidence that other people don’t: a crop circle in his back yard, Mars growing larger in the sky as it approaches Earth, cattle mutilation covered up by people in a black helicopter, fish being genetically engineered to watch TV commercials, and a robot cat taking over the house. Is he a kook, or is Earth being invaded from outer space?

Mars and Venus Attack! PDF

Mars and Venus Attack! treatment (summary of the concept, characters, and story) PDF

Accomplice to Terror

FBI agent Harry Hunter is under pressure to catch some bigger fish than the wannabe terrorists he’s been rounding up—people who couldn’t rob a piggy bank without help from the FBI, as his boss puts it. So when an undercover agent finds another group of terrorists, the Bureau decides to put them on a long leash, hoping to round up a bigger prize. But when you put criminals on a long leash, you could get bitten, and you yourself might become an accomplice to terror.

Accomplice to Terror PDF

Accomplice to Terror treatment (summary of the concept, characters, and story) PDF