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Pictures of Steve Dunham’s Coast Cities Railway Microsoft Train Simulator route

The route comprises about 15 miles plus some short spurs. It represents the Coast Cites Railway between North Long Branch, New Jersey, and Sea Girt, New Jersey, circa 1924. The route and trolleys are free downloads on

A car ready to depart Pleasure Bay, at the end of a short spur in Long Branch.

A car departing North Long Branch, near the Jersey Central station.

Crossing the Jersey Central Seashore branch in Long Branch.

On Broadway in Long Branch.

Passing the New York & Long Branch station at West End.

Crossing Lake Takanassee.

On private right of way near Elberon.

A mulecar in Long Branch.

A trolley in the north part of Deal.

Leaving the Allenhurst carbarn.

Crossing Deal Lake.

The south end of the Deal Lake trestle.

Passing the North Asbury Park railroad station.

On Main Street in Asbury Park.

Passing Railroad Square in Asbury Park.

Crossing Sunset Lake in Asbury Park, looking toward Convention Hall.

A Coast Cities Railway open car on Main Street in Asbury Park.

Coast Cities Railway car 703 on Main Street in Bradley Beach.

Coast Cities Railway car 206 on Main Street in Bradley Beach.

Crossing Shark River from Avon into Belmar.

Crossing Wreck Pond into Sea Girt.

The end of the line at the National Guard camp in Sea Girt.

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