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A new photo: A cold beer sign in Norfolk, Va. (July 9, 2017).

Real Quotations: Intellectual ghettos (July 1, 2017).

New on my Editor’s Companion blog: It’s Protection, Buster (May 27, 2017).

A review of Peter Drucker’s book Managing the Nonprofit Organization (March 18, 2017).

Every writer needs an editor—so what do you do if you don’t have an editor? Sometimes you do need to hire one. But there are also times when you need to edit your own work. I discuss this in “Editing Your Own Writing,” my guest post on Radu Balas’s Publishing Addict blog (July 21, 2016).


Sink the Titanic!—The lucky Titanic is cursed by an onboard mummy, vampire, and zombie. To prevent those creatures of the dark side from wreaking havoc in New York, someone must prevent the ship from arriving. A new screenplay! (Added Oct. 31, 2015.)

My book The Editor’s Companion from Writer’s Digest Books (December 2014).

Rappahannock River, Virginia, Jan. 2009

Photos (updated July 9, 2017)

B&M wreck in Mass.
Off the Deep End” (humor)
VRE gallery cars in Washington
Commuter Crossroads

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