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My new book, The Editor’s Companion from Writer’s Digest Books (December 2014).

New on my Editor’s Companion blog: “Changed forever” (Dec. 21, 2014).

Mars and Venus Attack!—Steve Occam sees a crop circle in his back yard, Mars growing larger in the sky, cattle mutilation, a black helicopter, fish being genetically engineered to watch TV commercials, and a robot cat taking over the house. Is he a kook, or is Earth being invaded from outer space? A new screenplay! (Added Sep. 22, 2014.)

Steve Dunham’s Editing Humor, by Laura Moyer, reproduced from the Fredericksburg, Virginia, Free Lance–Star (added June 30, 2014).

Adult Bullies Are Everywhere—everywhere they’re permitted to be, as Cap’n Transit said. These adult bullies are narcissists, wrote Joseph Burgonov in the Atlantic Monthly. And they’re in the ranks of the military, wrote Senior Chief Jim Murphy and Jayne P. Cecil in the Naval Institute Proceedings. Adult bullies are a scourge; and what would Pope Francis do about them? (added April 28, 2014.)

Rappahannock River, Virginia, Jan. 2009

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B&M wreck in Mass.
Off the Deep End” (humor)
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