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Accomplice to Terror My new screenplay, ready for an agent and a producer. FBI agent Harry Hunter is under pressure to catch some bigger fish than the wannabe terrorists he’s been rounding up—people who couldn’t rob a piggy bank without help from the FBI, as his boss puts it. So when an undercover agent finds another group of terrorists, the Bureau decides to put them on a long leash, hoping to round up a bigger prize. But when you put criminals on a long leash, you could get bitten, and you yourself might become an accomplice to terror.

Rappahannock River, Virginia, Jan. 2009
Off the Deep End Cover
Off the Deep End is now available as an ebook via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
No Help From the Spotsylvania Sheriff (added March 8, 2014)
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More photos (updated Feb. 1, 2014)

B&M wreck in Mass.
Off the Deep End” (humor)
VRE gallery cars in Washington
Commuter Crossroads

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Homegrown String Band—wonderful music
Steve’s July 17, 2008, article about the band in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, Free Lance–Star

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“His Greatest Seal”—inspirational poems by Francis Quintin-Arthur

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